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Paved asphalt surfaces are designed to last on average 25 years - more or less, depending on the maintenance that is afforded the surface during its lifetime. The beauty of properties are truly enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professionally installed asphalt pavement. Other benefits of installing asphalt (or blacktop as it is soometimes referred to) include enhanced safety - mostly because tripping hazards are minimized, dust control is greatly improved and the reduced maintenance time that new asphalt surfaces afford.

Asphalt paving falls into three categories: New Construction, Resurfacing and Repaired (patched). As an asphalt paving contractor in Rockford Illinois, we perform every type of asphalt construction project. These projects include areas such as parking lots, driveways, walkways and bike cart paths or golf cart paths. We also provide specialty concrete construction including curbs, gutters, trench drains or catch basins, dumpster pads, and related paving areas - areas that are better suited for concrete. A.A.T. Infrared, Inc. offers complete services for asphalt repair, maintenance, and resurfacing. Our experienced crews routinely work with tight construction schedules while coordinating our work with other trades.

New Asphalt Installation and New Blacktop Installation

An asphalt overlay is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt over an existing asphalt pavement surface. A liquid emulsion is sprayed onto the surface prior to installing the new layer of asphalt. New asphalt and blacktop installations are ideal when the asphalt surface has become heavily cracked but the base of the asphalt pavement remains stable. The new layer of asphalt is installed after appropriate asphalt repairs have been made to the old pavement such as crack filling and skin patching.

Care must be taken to ensure the grade of the overlay permits drainage so as to prevent water from being trapped on the new asphalt surface. All manholes, valves and other ground fixtures are raised to the new grade. Where necessary, grinding of the existing asphalt surface and removal of tree roots is done to ensure proper grade.

Remove and Replace Existing Asphalt Pavement

Remove Pavement: Remove existing asphalt pavement and haul away the excess debris. Install base stone as needed, adjust and set final grade and compact the base.

Install Pavement: Hot mix asphalt will be installed at various depths depending on the asphalt project requirements. A new asphalt driveway is typically 2" compacted, while a parking lot varies from 3" to 6" depending on the requirements of the project and the expected application of the surface. The final grade is adjusted and the asphalt pavement is compacted.

Why use asphalt instead of concrete?

Residential Asphalt Paving or Commercial Asphalt Paving

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