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A.A.T. Infra-Red, Inc. is the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area's leader for all of your residential and commercial New Asphalt Construction and New Concrete Construction projects.

New Concrete Construction, New Concrete, Concrete Construction, Concrete Construction Contractors

Our competitive pricing and fast response to your needs and location makes A.A.T. Infrared, Inc. the Rockford (and surrounding) areas most preferred residential new construction concrete and commercial new construction concrete company. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. From new concrete foundations for new homes and businesses to new concrete driveways, new concrete stairs, new concrete stoops and new concrete patios, we deliver high-quality concrete flatwork for residential contractors and for commercial contractors alike.

With A.A.T. Infrared, Inc., we understand the amount and extent of work that you have to juggle in new concrete construction projects. Since we first opened in 1999, we’ve handled countless new construction projects and we know how important it is for your new construction concrete paving contractor to provide the highest quality results - reliably - and within the required time and projected budget.

New Asphalt Construction, New Asphalt, Asphalt Construction, Asphalt Construction Contractors

A.A.T. specializes in New Asphalt Construction and Public Works Asphalt projects - including new asphalt grading and new asphalt paving, new asphalt shopping center parking lots, new asphalt industrial park parking lots, new asphalt driveways for homes and businesses, new asphalt retail outlet parking lots, new asphalt mall parking lots and other new asphalt parking lots and asphalt surfaces. Grading and paving a new asphalt construction project is a massive undertaking - requiring technical expertise and precise timelines. Large amounts of pavement can cost millions of dollars and because of this reason, companies trust A.A.T. with the huge responsibility of getting the job done right - on budget and on time - the first time.

A.A.T. is a asphalt new construction company with vast experience in governmental, industrial, residential and commercial asphalt paving services. Our skilled staff consists of experienced operators, combined with latest technology, equipment and tools. The right equipment plays a huge role in the success of any new asphalt construction projects. Our asphalt paving and construction equipment and machines are durable, reliable and productive. By utilizing all of our skills, we are able to satisfy and meet our customers’ needs, regardless of the size or complexity of the new asphalt construction project.

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New Asphalt Construction, New Construction, New Construction Asphalt Projects


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